Create an accountability system and start conquering your daily tasks! Here are some tips to get started.

The most important tasks right now

  1. Determine which tasks are due today (or earlier!) by setting a filter
    - Click the filter  button
    - Select Due Date  (or Start date )
    - Click Today & Earlier  to apply the filter 
  2. Sort these tasks by start or due date to create a list of which tasks to start first
  3. Begin working on the oldest tasks in view first 

Tip: Favorite this view to create a daily location to view tasks as they become due, overdue, or ready to start automatically. 

Customizing with Custom Fields

Custom Fields allow you to create a unique task field to measure progress, budgets, and really anything else you can imagine. 

Use the Dropdown option to set up the following fields for your daily tasks:

  • Overseen by: If this task is being monitored or approved by a user on your Team, you can note that here.
  • Idea: Indicate where you are in the brainstorming process, and if you've been approved to move on to the next step. 
  • Progress: Communicate whether you're on track to completion, or if you need some help.
  • Reviewed: Demonstrate if you've looked over your work this week and are ready to close the task.

Build a Personal Structure

  1. Create a private Space for your tasks that you can work in unencumbered from the rest of your Team. You can invite users relevant to your tasks to this Space.
  2. Add a Project called "My Projects" where you'll manage your workflows.
  3.  Use Lists to organize your tasks for this week and next week.

Keep Track of Personal Goals

For personal items, you can even create a separate Project called "Personal Goals" within your private Space. Then, add Lists for "This Week", "This Month", etc, to plan ahead!

Create a Dropdown custom field to measure how you're doing, and enable the "Created" sorting column as a reminder of when you made each task. This way, you'll always have visual reminders when pacing out personal goals.

For more tips, check out this page on personal task management

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