This cool feature allows you to adjust all of your subtask due dates by only changing the parent task due date. 

The subtask dates will be increased (or decreased) by the change you make to the parent task Due Date. 

Note: This will not work if you don't already have a task template created

Where: This feature is used when you create a task from a template  

After loading a template, you'll see this option at the bottom: 

Let's use the following example:

Parent task due: July 10
Subtask 1 due: July 1
Subtask 2 due: July 3

I then remap the parent task due date to => July 20

Since this is a change of 10 days (July 20 - July 10), all subtasks will also be increased by +10 :

Subtask 1 due: July 11
Subtask 2 due: July 13 

Also see related feature: Remap subtask due dates when changing parent task due dates

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