How often do you find tasks relating to each other? In our work, this happens A TON. 

Thankfully, ClickUp automatically associates tasks with a simple link - or in our terminology, a mention. 

Quick Mention

Simply type ##  in a task description or comment field to reveal the new task selector. Choosing a task will "unfurl" the task right into the text field. 

The new selector completely replaces the need to copy and paste!


Task links now provide much more utility. See a task's status, title, and ID in a well defined mention for quick action.

Automatic Linking

By mentioning a task in another task, linking occurs behind the scenes. 

Now, when you go back to the task that has been linked to, you'll find a counter floating above the upper right section of the task window

This counter shows how many other tasks link back to this task, and you can click to expand the list and quickly jump to each linked task. 

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