Providing as much information as you can to your team members, ensures expectations are clear and tasks are completed as thoroughly and efficiently as possible. 

Formatting your text with lists, headings, highlights, and more solves many communication issues, and this doc will help explain what is possible in a ClickUp task!

ClickUp's Text Editor

The extensive options in the editor menu let you emphasize exactly what's important. Don't forget to expand your options with the ellipses icon on the far right-hand side of your toolbar! 

Extra Editing that will become available include:

  • Superscript
  • Subscript
  • Increase indent
  • Decrease indent
  • Text align right, center, left
  • Undo & Redo 

Syntax Highlighting

When using Code block formatting, ClickUp will interpret just about any language with colorized-clarity. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • CSS
  • Java
  • PHP
  • HTML

Markdown Shortcuts

Convert markdown to rich text formatting without leaving your keyboard. This includes your traditional formatting shortcuts as well as some custom items:

  • Headings - # H1 text # , ## H2 text ## , etc
  • Bold - * bold text *  
  • Italics - _ italicized text _   
  • Strikethough - ~ text with a line through it ~
  • Bulleted list - - starts a bulleted list 
  • Numbered list - 1. starts a numbered list 
  • Checkbox - [] creates a simple checkbox
  • Block Quote - > starts long quote formatting
  • Inline Code -  `  highlights simple text
  • Code Blocks -  ```  pre-formats simple text
  • Divider - --- adds a dividing line into description

Other Items

Are there any other formatting items you'd like to see in ClickUp? If so, please add a comment, vote, or new request on our feedback board here!

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