Edit tasks without having to open them!

Simply right-click on any task (or click the ellipses ... ) to reveal the Quick Task Management Menu with the following options:

At the top of the Management menu, you'll see five symbols that will allow you to:

  • Open the task in a new tab
  • Send task to tray
  • Copy the task's ID
  • Rename the task
  • Create a new task
  • Delete the task

In List View

In Board View

Quick changes for Projects and Lists

Right-click a Project (or select the ellipses ... ) in your sidebar and choose to:

You'll also be able to copy a link to the Project, rename it, archive it, or delete it altogether.

Clicking on the ellipses next to a List will yield the same options, minus the ability to edit the parent Project's custom statuses.

Pro Tip

Right-clicking is now available for tasks in Time View!

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