Some people want more than one person assigned to a task, whereas others firmly believe only one person should own the responsibility for a single task. 

Since people from these two walks of life tend to feel adamant about their preferences, we decided to let you make the choice. 

Single Assignees 

Only one person can be assigned to a task. If you select another person, then the assignee for the task will change immediately. 

Multiple Assignees

One or more people can be assigned to tasks. When you select people, they'll be added to task assignees. Simply click people again to unselect them, or you can use the 'Reassign' feature to instantly remove current assignees and reassign to only one person. 


Can I change this setting after creating a Space? Sure! Space admins can change this at any time from Space Settings. 

How do I change assignees settings for Spaces? Simply go to your Space Settings page, and tick (or untick) the box for 'Allow multiple assignees'. 

See why our most efficient teams use this feature!


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