Creating a Space

Everything within ClickUp is customizable, and at the center of customization are Spaces! 

Spaces are the top level of hierarchy within teams. Most settings including Statuses and Privacy are based on a Space.

By default, all Projects (and Lists) will inherit settings from a Space. 

Keep in mind that when you are not locked into settings when creating Spaces. You can change them at an time. 

Privacy Settings 

You have two options here, you can select:

  • Everyone: By choosing "everyone", your entire team will have access to this Space. 
  • Private: By selecting private, you limit who has access to this Space. You can customize this Space by selecting only those you want to have access.

Custom Statuses and Simple Status

You choose Simple Statuses when you want a simple todo list, meaning that your workflow is not complicated, it's simply a checklist. 

If you choose Custom Statuses, you will be able to create your own Custom Workflow. Simply add in the stages you need and press enter. You can change the color, by simply clicking the box. Read more about statuses

ClickUp gives you options to choose preselected workflows, defined by us. Scrum, Marketing, Content Creation, and of course, Kanban:

Lastly, there are two options at the bottom that are very important! 

  1. Multiple Assignees: Enable multiple assignees by checking the box. This means that you can have more than one assignee for each task. If this box is unchecked, you can only have one assignee for each task.
  2. Due Dates: Checking this box allows you to specify deadlines for a specific task.
  3. Priorities: Do you want to make it clear that a task needs prioritization? This feature allows you mark the task with a flag icon that comes in a variety of different colors, with dark red signaling urgency.
  4. Time Tracking: Keep record how long you worked on a task, and gain insight on your workflow.
  5. Tags: Allows you to organize tasks on a whole new dimension, and give your tasks a renewed sense of purpose.

We have many more Space options, features, and additions on the way! 

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