Guests are people that you don’t want having full access to ClickUp.

You can give Guests access to Projects, Lists and Tasks in a limited way. Depending on your plan, you can add one to five Guests for free, for each member on your team. 

Guests overview

What Guests see in ClickUp

Guests will have limited view of ClickUp. Things like Reporting, Box view, and Spaces are hidden from Guests. If Guests do not have create and edit  permissions, then they won't be able to create tasks (and those actions are hidden). 

A guest with access to one task, one List, and one Project, would see a sidebar like this:

If you're on a paid plan, you can hide other things like Time Tracking, Time Estimates, and Custom Fields from Guests. 

How to add guests to Projects, Lists, and Tasks

  1. Click the action menu ... 
  2. Open the Sharing menu
  3. Type the email address of a guest you'd like to invite
  4. Set their permissions

How pricing works for Guests

Free Forever Plan

  • Guests can only be added with create and edit permissions only. The Free Forever Plan you are not able to change permissions. Additionally, you can't hide Custom Fields, Time Tracking, and Time Estimates from Guests.

Unlimited Plan

Business Plan

  • The Business Plan was created for teams working with lots of external people
  • 10 free guests
  • 5 additional guests per member

What happens when I run out of Guest seats?
When you add new Guests, a new member seat will be added to your team. In addition to that seat, you'll also receive one (or five) free Guest seats. 

On the Unlimited or Business Plans is it possible to have more guests than my seats allow?

Yes, for example: You may have 2 members and 8 guests on the Unlimited Plan, but you would be required to have 3 member seats in that case. 2/3 member seats would be filled and 8/9 guest seats would be filled. This means you could then add 1 member and 1 guest without charge. 

Will guests be able to view tasks that are dependent (waiting on or blocking) the task I share with them? 

They will see the task IDs of any dependent tasks unless they have been given explicit access to the tasks, in which case they will see the task details.

All differences in guests and members

Have more questions? Check out our privacy, sharing, and guests FAQ doc here!

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