What is unfurl?

Unfurl: when task links are posted in Slack, they'll be instantly enriched with details and the ability to perform actions on the task.


  • Who created task and when
  • Task title
  • Preview of description
  • Status
  • Assignees
  • Priority
  • Tags
  • Project and List
  • Subtasks


How to enable Slack Unfurl

Step 1: Authorize Slack from the 'Integrations' page

Note: only team admins have access to integrations. 

Go to the Integrations page in Team Settings; click the button and you’ll be redirected to Slack to grant ClickUp access. 

Step 2 (Optional): Get team to authorize Slack

This allows you to unfurl ClickUp links in:

  1. Direct messages
  2. Private channels

ClickUp makes it easy to do this by automatically posting a message in your Slack team's #general channel with a link to authorize Slack:

If for some reason you miss this message, you can always copy the authorization link directly from the ClickUp Slack integration page and send it to your team:

If you don't perform this step, ClickUp links will only be unfurled in public Slack channels. 

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