What Does "Unfurl" Mean?

Unfurl: When task links are posted in Slack, they'll be instantly enriched with details. Users will also have the ability to perform actions on the task.

How to Enable Slack Unfurl

Step 1: Authorize Slack from the Integrations Page

Note: Only Team admins have access to integrations. 

Go to the Integrations page in Team Settings. Then, click the Slack button. You’ll be redirected to Slack to grant ClickUp access. 

Step 2 (Optional): Get your Team to Authorize Slack

This allows you to unfurl ClickUp links in:

  1. Direct messages
  2. Private channels

ClickUp makes it easy to do this by automatically posting a message in your Slack team's #general channel with a link to authorize Slack:

If for some reason you miss this message, you can always copy the authorization link directly from the ClickUp Slack integration page and send it to your team:

If you don't perform this step, ClickUp links will only be unfurled in public Slack channels. 

What Details and Actions are Available in Unfurl?



Slack Actions

Check out this doc to learn about creating tasks and sending messages to tasks right from Slack!

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