Enabling Harvest

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click 'Time Tracking'
  3. Click the toggle switch to enable Harvest

Tracking Time

  1. To track time in tasks, you'll need to also enable the Time Tracking ClickApp for Spaces where you want to track time. 

2. Open a task, and you'll see the Harvest button. Click that to start tracking time. 

To stop tracking time, simply return to the task and click the Harvest button again. 

Note: if you want tracked time to sync with ClickUp, you'll need to keep the task ID in the description of time log (we do this automatically for you). You'll also need to enable syncing..

Automatically Sync Time with ClickUp Tasks

Authorize ClickUp to use Harvest. To do this, click "Sync Harvest" in your Time Tracking settings page.

Now, as you add time to tasks in ClickUp, your timesheet will be updated with each entry containing the task title and task ID.

Manual Tracking

If you'd rather input your time as you go, take a look at the Time Tracking documentation!


Coming soon.

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