Turning on this integration instantly syncs your ClickUp tasks and Google Calendar events 📆. Update a task, see the change in Google. Update an event, see the change in ClickUp.

We keep track of any change to task/event titles, start dates, & due dates. Seriously. You make the change, ClickUp does the rest.

How to Connect Google Calendar to ClickUp

  1. Open settings from your account drop down

  2. Authorize a Google Calendar of your choosing.
  3. Select what to sync

  • Choose Tasks assigned to me if you would only like to transfer tasks assigned to you. 
  • Choose All tasks  if you want tasks for other team members. This latter option is ideal for managers

You can also drill into your hierarchy and only sync the tasks you want.

Important notes:

  • If no start time is set, it will automatically set to 12:00AM; likewise, tasks created in ClickUp with dates but not times will become "all day" events in Google Calendar.
  • Tasks created in ClickUp will sync to Google Calendar; events created in Google Calendar will not create tasks in ClickUp.
  • Tasks must have a start or due date in order to sync. Tasks without start or due dates in ClickUp will not be synced to Google Calendar.

Want to see more out of Google Calendar? Please leave your suggestions here! 😄 

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