"Epics" are utilized to break down larger projects into smaller, more manageable pieces. They can also be used to link related tasks (or "stories") together.

Luckily for Jira users who switch to ClickUp, our Hierarchy structure offers a natural transition for those who prefer Epic organization. Each level of the Hierarchy acts as a container for the tier below it, allowing you to get a detailed overview of your numerous workflows.

How to set up "Epics" in ClickUp

Lists reside right in the middle of the ClickUp Hierarchy, and are specifically designed to handle a body of work broken down into smaller pieces, or tasks.

Useful List features for Epics:

List Details: This feature offers you a comprehensive activity feed and overview of tasks located within each List. Add assigned comments, attachments, descriptive commentary, and more.

Time Estimates: Set clear expectations for when tasks within a List should be completed. This feature is especially great for agile teams who like to utilize Lists in Sprints.

Templates: Once you've developed your hierarchy in a way that works for you, create templates for your favorite "Epic" Lists. You can use them to save time when creating future Epics.

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