ClickUp's sidebar allows you to quickly view your tasks based on their parent Spaces, Projects, and Lists

This is an extremely power filter, but what if you want to see all of your Team's tasks at once?

List View

Hover over your Spaces Bar and select All Spaces to view all tasks. Make sure you are viewing the Team tab if you want to view all tasks for your entire team!

Note that all tasks will still be organized by their custom or simple statuses that you implemented in their parent Spaces.

Board View

Board View is unique in that it arranges everything by status. But what happens when you view Projects or Spaces with different custom statuses? 

  1. All possible columns will show in Board View
  2. When you begin to drag a task from one Project, custom status columns that don't apply will hide from view
  3. When you've dropped the task into another status, the columns will re-appear

Time View

Hover over your Spaces Bar and select All Spaces to view all tasks in the calendar view. 

The most high-level overview will be found in the Month View.

Box View

This view provides great insight into what tasks your teammates are working on, as it automatically filters tasks by assignee

Simply select All Spaces from your Spaces Bar in Box View to see all tasks organized by team member.

Pro Tip

Jump back to this view with a single click with Favorites!

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