ClickUp users can take one of three roles within their Team: User, Admin, or Owner. Each role comes different levels of access permission.

User Permissions


All invited people are users by default and can: 


In addition to everything users can do, admins can also: 

Owner (The person that created team):

Owners can do everything permitted to admins and users, plus:

We'll be adding more granular access permissions in the future which will give owners and admins more power in dictating user permissions!

Note: If you need to transfer ownership of your team, just reach out to us at

How to Make Changes to User Permissions

  1. Click on your profile avatar at the top right of your screen
  2. Select Settings 
  3. Click Users to be directed to the Team Users Settings page

How to Invite a User as an Admin

Enter an email address into the "invite by email" space to invite a new user. You can opt to make the new user an admin by selecting the Admin Toggle to the left of the invite button.

How to Make a Current User an Admin

Click the ellipses ... beside the user's name and select "Set as Admin".

How to Remove an Admin

Click the ellipses ...  beside the user's name and select "Remove as Admin".

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