You've made the Wrike choice coming over to ClickUp 😄! Check out the tips below to make the transition as easy as possible.

Importing from Wrike

While we don't offer an official import from Wrike at the moment, you can easily import your Wrike data using our CSV Import feature! Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Follow the instructions here to export your Wrike data as an XLS file.
  2. Convert the XLS file to a CSV. Here's a site that will do this for you.
  3. Use our CSV Import feature to bring this into ClickUp!

After the Import

There a few tools you can use to quickly rearrange your Wrike tasks in ClickUp once they've been imported:

  1. Check out our Multitask Toolbar to make changes to tasks in bulk. You can change tasks' statuses, add assignees, move the tasks around, and more.
  2. You can also move an entire Project or List.

Important Features

Four Customizable Views

One of the biggest frustrations that Wrike users report is that the interface is not user-friendly. It's difficult to get your whole team to use the platform because of it's lack of customization, so often times your teammates will be scattered in a variety of different project management software.

ClickUp allows you to toggle between four different views: List, Board, Box, and Time. This ensures that all members of your team can customize their workflows.

Plenty of Ways to Communicate

You shouldn't need to juggle multiple tools to communicate with your team. ClickUp's Assigned Comment feature is the perfect way to delegate small actions to teammates that will never slip through the cracks.

You can also chat with users in your task comment threads, or discuss a whole group of tasks in the List Details section.

Be sure to check out our Getting Started doc collection for insight into our most important features!

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