Tasks aren't very useful until they're organized. Let ClickUp handle the tediousness and sort your tasks with one click!

Sort Options

  • Start Date - Get ready for what's coming next
  • Due Date - Stay on top of deadlines
  • Priority - View tasks by importance
  • Updated Date - See which tasks have recent activity
  • Created Date - Arrange tasks by their age
  • Time Estimates - See tasks based on their weight
  • Time Logged - See which tasks take the most time
  • Assignees - Split tasks for each assignee into groups
  • Status - Arrange and sort by statuses to condense tasks
  • Name - Sort tasks by name alphabetically in List View
    - Be sure the Name column is enabled to begin sorting (see below)

Sort by Multiple Attributes

Zoom in on your most important tasks by selecting multiple columns to sort by. Two clicks turns cluttered into prioritized! 

Show and Hide Columns

In List View, you might not really care about Date created  or a task's Priority. Remove unnecessary columns and clean up your view!

Bonus: Your preferences for hiding columns are saved for each Space, you can use different settings without affecting all your Spaces! 

Stay even more organized when you combine sorting with filtering

Choose to show custom statuses in ascending or descending order with this option.

Be sure to let us know what else you would like to see on our feedback board here!

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