If you are one of those people that want to view Open  statuses first, this setting is for you! 🎉

With this setting, you can choose to flip it around so that Open and early-stage tasks in your workflow are displayed first!

This is an user-level option, so you won't bother anyone else on your team by flipping this on or off 👋 

Don't worry - Janet won't be bored with your sorting preferences 😉

How Orient Your Status Workflow

How to make Open statuses appear first in List View

  1. Visit the Settings page
  2. Click Profile from the sidebar. 
  3. Check the box at the bottom of the page

Default (unchecked) ⬜ 

Tasks that are almost done will be found at the top 

Reverse (checked) ✅ 

Tasks that need the most work will be found at the top 

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