The fastest ways to create new tasks in ClickUp are found in List View and Board View! In these views, you can add tasks with just a few simple actions.

List View

Start typing in the field below an Open  status list. Then, press ENTER  (or RETURN ) on your keyboard to save the task. 

Voila! A new task is born, and you're ready to create the next one. 

Pro Tip: If you'd like to add multiple tasks at once, simply copy and paste multiple lines of text into the "Create new task" area of List View. ClickUp will automatically detect the line breaks and create your tasks in bulk!

Board View

Select the + symbol at the top-right section of any board to add a task. The new task will adapt the custom status of the board you've selected!

Just remember to lock the task in place when you're done by saving with the ENTER or RETURN  key on your keyboard, or by clicking SAVE .

You can create as many tasks as you'd like using this method, and rearrange them quickly with our Multi-task Toolbar.

Be sure to also check out our Recurring Task feature! 

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