ClickUp's organizational structure is based on a carefully constructed hierarchy system. Projects and Lists are located right in the middle of hierarchy, and are essential to its success:

Team > Space > Project > Lists> Tasks

Spaces act as containers for all of your Projects. In turn, Projects envelope your Lists, which contain your tasks.

This system ensures that every action item has a clearly defined place in your workflow, and makes it less likely that tasks will fall through the cracks.

Make Projects Work for You

There are a lot of ways to customize Projects you create. However, your foremost goal should be to organize them in a way that will make creating Lists easy.

When creating a Project, users can:

  • Choose between simple or custom statuses
  • Choose to create the Project from a template
  • Add any pre-existing relevant Lists to the new Project

Why Require Lists? 

Organization & Growth

We created ClickUp after becoming frustrated with other project management softwares' lack of organization and structure. Even if you intend to use a project management platform on a semi-regular basis, you will need a rock-solid process to avoid organizational chaos as your number of tasks increases.

ClickUp Lists prevent this problem from the beginning, making it easy to start and stay organized.

ClickUp users create Projects and Lists for things like...

  • Folders
  • People
  • Phases
  • Timelines
  • Sprints
  • Divisions/Departments
  • Groups
  • Locations
  • And really, they can be anything to keep your Spaces organized. 

Deleting or Archiving Projects and Lists

If you ever want to remove a Project or List, just hover over it and click the ellipses ... . This will show a dropdown where you can rename, move, or remove the List or Project.  

Note the difference between "deleting" and "archiving" your Project or List. When you archive a List or Project, it can be retrieved for later inspection. Deleting, on the other hand, is permanent.

You can unarchive a  Project or List at any time by proceeding to the Space in which it was archived. Click the ellipses next to the Projects heading and select Show archived .

Once you've spotted your archived Project or List, just hover over it and click the restore arrow unarchive it.

Be sure to let us know what else you would like to see on our feedback board here!

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