How are notifications organized?

Notifications in ClickUp are organized at the Team level. This means notifications for all Spaces within a team are grouped together on your notifications page. 

What can you do with notifications? 

1. Clear notifications

To clear notifications, click the bell icon on the right side of a notification. Clearing notifications is your way of staying organized and on top of communication.

Clearing notifications will move the items into your 'Cleared' tab, where you can access all items you've cleared already. 

2. Watch (or stop watching) tasks

If you're getting annoyed with notifications about a certain task, click the 'Eye' icon to stop watching a task. You'll no longer receive notifications for that task.

Alternatively, you also can start watching a task by clicking the 'Eye' icon from its gray color state. 

Eye icon colors: 

  1. Gray: You are not watching the task
  2. Purple: You're watching the task currently

Note: Likes for comments in your tasks will be grouped together in one single notification to help clear some clutter.

What settings are available for Notifications? 

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