List View is the perfect way to manage, view, and make changes to all your tasks.

This view changes depending on the status type you're using:

  • Simple Statuses: With simple statuses, all of your tasks are grouped into one. This is because there is only one status within simple statuses. You can drag and drop tasks by priority.
  • Custom Statuses: With custom statuses, each status is separated into its own group. You can drag and drop tasks to change their status.

When you are looking to focus on your tasks and drown out the noise from all of your teammate's tasks, simply click the "Me" tab to only see all the tasks that are assigned to you.


It's important to notice that you can quickly prioritize your tasks in List View. Make a task a high priority by drag and dropping it to towards the top of the status. If you have a low priority task that can wait, simply drag it to the bottom.

View All Tasks

Click the "View all" button beside "Spaces" to view tasks from every List, Project, and Space within a team.

Multi-Task Toolbar

One of the biggest advantages of this view is that you can make changes to multiple tasks at the same time, using our multitask toolbar.

Read more about Multitask Toolbar

List View also has the ability to filter by statuses

Read more about Statuses

This allows you to see all task within a certain status. So if you wanted to view everything that's "In Progress", just simply check the box!

Want to see even more tasks in List View? Check out our compact views!

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