Each List within a ClickUp Project allows you to add information pertaining to that List's tasks

Clicking on the List Details while in List View will allow you to view all essential aspects of your List. 

Default List Details

Lists are groups of tasks, so it's only appropriate that the List Details show cumulative stats for all of the tasks they contain.

Total time estimated and logged for a List's tasks will be displayed (if you've chosen to enable these ClickApps within your Space).

Lists can be given the following:

  1. Start Dates - Let your team know when to start working on this list of tasks.
  2. Due Dates - Let your team know when this list of tasks needs to be completed.
  3. Descriptions - Explain what the tasks in this List represent. This is the perfect place to shed light on goals!
  4. Attachments - Upload a file that will be used for an entire group of tasks.
  5. Conversations - Discuss the entire list of tasks with your team.
  6. Colors - Customize list colors with text labels to use colors as statuses, tags, or anything you choose.
  7. New Tasks - Click on + NEW TASK within your List Details to add a new Open status task to the List 

How to Add Details to a List 

  1. Click show details from the header of the List you wish to add context to
  2. Add all pertinent information!

Never be without context in a List again ✊

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