What better place to work with your clients than inside of the software you use all the time? ClickUp allows you to communicate, set deadlines, share expectations, and notify your clients as progress is made.

Use Spaces to separate each client

By using separate Spaces you can easily organize tasks being worked on client by client. You can also focus on each client's unique requirements by customizing their workspaces.

Make all Spaces private

You want to ensure that when your client logs in, they can see their Space - and their Space only. By making each Space private, you can invite your clients without worrying about them accessing anything they shouldn't!

Save Process for new Client as a Space Template

When you're starting with a new client, you'll typically require a similar set of action items. Rather than recreating those Projects, Lists, and Tasks, simply save them as templates! You can save templates on the Space, Project, List, task, and checklist levels.

Utilize Custom Statuses to reduce emails between clients

ClickUp's custom statuses will allow you to keep your client updated on the progress of your work. You can communicate what stages work best for each party. They'll know what's going on because they can simply view the status at any time!

Assign Comments to get approval from your client.

Assigned Comments allow you to make comments actionable. However, when working with clients, they're even better for approval! 

Assign a comment to your client to make sure they approve of what you're about to do with the task at hand. He or she can either resolve the comment to let you know to proceed, or reply with an update!

Create tasks and add attachments via email

With our Chrome Extension, you can create tasks via email directly from a Gmail or Outlook account. You can also attach emails to pre-existing tasks in ClickUp!

This is the perfect way to improve your communication with clients and adjust your workflows based on their feedback.

ClickUp as a CRM

With our Custom Fields feature, you can create unique task IDs to track a budget, organize client contact information, or pretty much anything else you can imagine.

For tips on getting started with ClickUp as a CRM, check out this doc!


Do I need to pay for clients I add to my Team?

  • Currently, any person that needs to view or contribute to your ClickUp tasks needs to be an official user on your ClickUp Team. If you're on the Unlimited Plan, that means you'll need to pay for the client's seat on your Team. However, we'll be adding more guest-friendly features later this Fall! You can share your support and receive updates for these features by up-voting this page.

Can I make make Projects, Lists, or tasks private? How do I restrict access for certain users?

  • Right now, it's only possible to make Spaces private in ClickUp. However, we'll be adding the ability to make Projects, Lists, and tasks private later this Fall with our guest-friendly features mentioned in the last question!
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