1. When I remove a Google Calendar sync from my ClickUp Team, will the tasks be removed from my Google Calendar?

Tasks synced from ClickUp
will not be removed from your Google Calendar when you delete the sync. You'll need to manually remove any unneeded tasks from your Google Calendar.

2. If another member of my team syncs our ClickUp Calendar with our team's Google Calendar, will that Google Calendar sync appear within my ClickUp Calendar settings page?

No, that sync will not appear within your personal Calendar settings page. If some of your tasks are syncing to your team's Google Calendar and you don't know why, we recommend consulting with your teammates to find who initiated the sync.

3. Will tasks I add in Google Calendar be added to ClickUp?

Tasks added from within Google Calendar will not sync back to ClickUp. Any tasks added in ClickUp will be reflected in your Google Calendar, and any changes you make to those tasks from within Google Calendar will also be added back into ClickUp.

4. Will tasks created in ClickUp block my Google Calendar schedule? 

Yes. Tasks will be created as "busy" events in Google Calendars, so you will likely want to sync to a separate Google Calendar. 

5. I don't use Google Calendar. Do you have an Outlook integration?

We do indeed! ClickUp offers calendar feeds that let you send scheduled tasks directly to your favorite calendar app – Apple Calendar, iCal, Outlook, or any calendar that allows you to subscribe with a URL feed. Check out this doc to learn more. **Note that this is a one-way sync!

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