When the sheer volume of tasks gets out of hand, ClickUp's advanced filtering options help you drill down to see the information you need.

Search Tasks

Quickly search through the Lists or Projects within the Space you're viewing. Searching filters tasks by keyword in two different ways:

  1. Tasks: Excludes subtasks from results.  
  2. Tasks & Subtasks: This option allows you to apply your search and filters to subtasks (not just parent tasks). Any tasks that have subtasks matching your results will be displayed. To enable this, just flip the subtask toggle to the right of the filter bar.


Hide the tasks you don't need to see by adding one or more of the following filtering options in List View:

  • Assignee - View tasks assigned to a specific user on your Team.
  • Status - Only show tasks in a certain stage of your custom workflow.
  • Created By- View tasks created by specific users.
  • Date created - See tasks created on a certain date, or within a certain timeframe.
  • Date updated - Display the tasks that people have recently worked on. Select a specific date or a before/after date.
  • Due date - Filter out tasks that aren't going to be required in the near future. Select a specific date or a before/after date. 
  • Start date-  See all tasks with specified start dates. Select a specific date or a before/after date.
  • Priority - Sift out tasks that don't require immediate attention. 
  • Assigned comments - Refine your task list and only show tasks with assigned comments. 
  • Tags - Set your filter to match any or all selected Tags.
  • Is recurring- See only the recurring tasks in your workflow.

Pro Tips

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