This page provides an individual look into each team member's workload. Box View was constructed for managers and everyday users alike. Quickly find and compare user's task counts, or take a look at your own outlook for the day or any given time period.


As always, with the Team and Me tabs, you may adjust the view accordingly, however, in Box View these tabs each display quite different information. 

Team Tab Boxes

Each box represents a member of your team with yourself starting first. The boxes allow you to drill into tasks associated with each status and List

You'll find assigned comments in the title bar of each box. There is also a filter in the upper right corner of the page enabling subtasks to be included or excluded from total task counts.

Me Tab

Filtering with this tab provides a fully expanded list of tasks assigned to you, your work history with custom date ranges, and all assigned comments. 

This is the best place to monitor your tasks in ClickUp and is PERFECT for daily standup meetings. 


  • Tasks Assigned to Me: Displays all tasks assigned to you to you so you can drill down and see your big picture. 
  • Worked On: See what you've been working over any given time period. This feature is used religiously by teams doing Daily Standup Meetings
  • Assigned Comments: Displays your assigned comments for the given selection you make in the left sidebar. You can also resolve them here without opening the task.

Pro Tip: Expand All

Opening dropdowns for each status, Space, Project, and List can become quite tedious, especially with all items in all spaces. 

Expand all drop downs with one click!

There is much more to come with Box View! Soon this will be your home for all graphs, reports, analytics, Gantt charts, and anything else offering insight into your team's productivity!

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