Board View's powerful drag-and-drop interface makes it the go-to view for agile teams, but every user can utilize the convenience offered in this view

Check out what makes ClickUp's Board View unique:


If you've used Trello, been part of an agile team, or even used a whiteboard to organize tasks, you know the value of a good board. With Board View, you can:

  • Visualize work
  • Limit the amount of work in progress
  • Manage your team's workflow
  • Continuously improve your process

ClickUp expands functionality to boards by allowing you to delegate tasks, set due dates, and view subtasks' statuses

Additionally, instead of arbitrary column names, ClickUp's columns are simply titled with the statuses associated with each task. 


Custom Statuses

ClickUp's Board View stands out by allowing users to implement custom statuses. These statuses embody the life cycle of your tasks, and can be changed at any time based on user preference.

With custom statuses set, each column is a stage in your workflow, and each row is a task that can moved throughout your board with ease. 

Simple Statuses

Do you prefer simple "Open" or "Closed" statuses for your tasks? Board view with simple statuses fixes a Project's Lists as the columns on your board. This allows you to make use of drag-and-drop functionality without any unnecessary clutter. 

Handy Actions

  • Drag-and-Drop: A key aspect of Board View is the ability to quickly move tasks through workflows and adjust their priorities. Easily drag-and-drop a task into any status, and move the task up or down to change the priority of the task.
  • Change Assignees: There's no need to open a task to remove an assignee in Board View. Simply click on the avatars under the task to create, add, or remove assignees.
  • Quick-Create Tasks: Click the + in the upper right corner of any board to add a task in Board View. The new task will adapt the custom status of the Board in which it was created.
  • Adjust Due Dates: Again, no need to open a task to make changes. Just click the calendar symbol next to your task's avatar symbol to quickly update.
  • Filter by Project vs. List:  Focus your workflow and filter by an entire Project, or just a single List. Just select the specific Project or List in your left sidebar.
  • Add Tags: Organize tasks on a whole new dimension right from the Board. Simply hover over your task and click the tag symbol to edit or create a tag.
  • Team vs Me Dashboard:  Cut out the clutter and view only your own tasks by selecting the "Me" tab in the top left corner

Customized Filtering Options

Drill down and view specific action items by filtering your tasks in Board View. Opt to view tasks with specific tags, due dates, assignees, and more.

You can even enable compact viewing for your tasks in Board View. With this feature, you'll reduce the icon and font sizes for your tasks, as well as the amount of white space shown on your screen. This allows twice as many tasks to appear in your Board View at any given time.


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