It's about time that someone combines everything you need related to time in one platform! 

ClickUp's Time View is your place for planning, scheduling, and resource management. 

Pro tip #1: Combine with the Google Calendars 2-way sync 😲Enable the Google Calendars integration to ensure that everything in your ClickUp Calendar is immediately reflected in Google - and vice versa.

Pro tip #2: Combine with Apple Calendar, Outlook, iCal, and more. Set up a calendar feed to establish a 1-way sync with external calendars!

Pro tip #3: Customize your time preferences (support for other date formats and 24 hour time). Change the day your week starts on along with the way your date & time appear!

Really cool things in Time view:

  1. Drag and drop EVERYTHING
  2. Schedule tasks using the unscheduled sidebar and if your tasks have Time Estimates, they'll be scheduled automatically as you drop them. 
  3. View ALL tasks, in one view (All spaces). Or drill-down to a single list. 


Change views by clicking this menu:

Day: See what you've got to for any given day with tasks that have times along with all-day tasks.
Week: Take a glance at the whole week with the ability to move tasks around from day to day.
Month: Zoom out to a birds-eye view
4-Days: Rolling four day period
Timelines: Coming soon


List milestones: set dates for your Lists and you'll see them as milestones on your calendar! 

Bulk select tasks (Multitask Toolbar): quickly make changes to tons of tasks with ease, you've got two ways of doing this: 

  1. Hold command (Mac) or control  (Windows) then click on multiple tasks
  2. Click and drag to highlight multiple tasks

Schedule tasks

You can even sort unscheduled tasks in your right sidebar by selecting an option from the dropdown menu:

Resource management: If your tasks have Time Estimates, then we'll automatically schedule them when you drop them on Week  or Day  views. 

Quick create tasks: click anywhere on Day view, and click the +  icon on Week or Month views to instantly create tasks.

Coloring tasks: you can choose to color tasks by Status  or by List color  

Showing weekends and scheduled hours just takes two clicks! 

Choose what to display in tasks on the Calendar: ClickUp is all about customization, so hide what you aren't using! 

You may also adjust your personal time preferences in this menu (AM/PM or 24 hr).

Filtering: Use all of your favorite ClickUp filters in the Calendar.

Want to see more out of the ClickUp Calendar? Please leave your suggestions here!

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