Add Time Estimates to tasks to provide better predictability for Lists and Projects. 

Time Estimates is a ClickApp, meaning you're able to enable (and disable) the feature based on each of your Spaces. 

Enabling Time Estimates

  1. Go to Settings 
  2. Visit the ClickApps page located the left-sidebar
  3. Locate the Time Estimates feature
  4. Flip the toggle to the right
  5. Enable for as many Spaces as you like
  6. Set Hours per day (we'll automatically display Time Estimates as days, weeks, and months - and take into account how many hours you set as a day). Learn more here.

How to Set Time Estimates

Places you can set Time Estimates:

  1. Task View
  2. List View
  3. Board View 

Coming Soon:

  • Machine learning to predict when (and by how much) your Time Estimates will be off
  • Reporting for Time Left
  • Reporting for Estimating Projects/List/Space Deadlines
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