Subtasks are great for many things, but what if all you need is really simple way to organize to-do's for a task?! 

That's where Checklists come in! 

Checklists are essentially simple, nested subtasks. Items are either done or not done, and, if needed, they can have a single assignee

Checklists allow you to create and name groups of items, and organize them with the ease of drag and drop. 

Creating a Checklist

  1. Click Add checklist  or click Add  then select Checklist  

2. Name the checklist
3. Start adding items! 

Pro Tips: 

  • Checklists CAN be added to Subtasks! 
  • You can clear all checklist items with one click
  • Items in your Checklist are nestable, meaning a checklist item can contain "sub-items"

You can add as many checklists as you like to a single task, and you can even and drop items from one checklist to another!

Checklists vs. Subtasks vs. Assigned Comments

All are all located under the "To Do" section of a task. Assigned comments behave as a subtask with simple statuses, providing quick accountability for any comment in a task's activity feed. Subtasks are essentially new tasks with their own priorities, tags, statuses, assigned comments, checklists, and more!

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