Why Use Tags? 

ClickUp tasks love Tags. They let you organize tasks on a whole new dimension, and provide your tasks a renewed sense of purpose!

Tags shine when you need to group, view, or manage related tasks that don't have a strict status or location in your team's structure. 

How should I use Tags?

However you want! The beauty is that they're unrestricted. 

Our team at ClickUp often uses tags to group items into things like:

  • Types (bugs, feature requests) 
  • Locations
  • Clients

Are Tags Global?

Tags are a ClickApp and based on a Space. So all tags available in one space are not necessarily available in different spaces. 

However, if you move a task with a tag to Space that doesn't yet have that tag, then the new Space will automatically inherit that tag. So no need to do any manual work. 

When renaming, removing, or deleting Tags, the changes you make will affect all Tags across the entire Space.

Renaming Tags

Changing Colors


Removing a Tag means untagging that task. Whereas, Deleting a Tag actually deletes the Tag from the Space (and deletes it from every task that has that tag in the Space). 

Enabling Tags in ClickUp

Tags are an optional feature in ClickUp. To enable them in your Spaces, visit the ClickApps page and toggle the switch beneath the Tags item.

Places you can add Tags 

  1. Task View
  2. List View
  3. Board View 

See why our most efficient teams use this feature!

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