The Sidebar acts as your control center in ClickUp. This is where you determine which tasks you want to see in Box, Board, or List View. 

Let's go over some features of the sidebar:

Collapse (or Expand) Sidebar

To collapse or expand the Sidebar, simply click the arrow icon as shown below.

Drag and Drop

Organize Tasks

Move tasks to different Projects and Lists by dragging and dropping into the sidebar.

"Me" Sidebar

By selecting "Me" in the upper left corner of your screen, your sidebar will display only the Projects and Lists that are relevant to you.

At the bottom of your sidebar, you'll be given three additional options:

  1. Show tasks with assigned comments for you 
  2. Show tasks with subtasks assigned to you
  3. Show tasks with checklist items assigned to you

Create and Edit Projects and Lists

The Sidebar is the one place in ClickUp where you can create and edit your entire structure.

Simply click on the ellipses ... next to a Project or List (or right-click it) and choose to:

Choosing how to view action items with the Sidebar

The Sidebar also gives the opportunity to get granular with the tasks you see in List, Board, or Box View. With just one click, you can see tasks within one specific List, within an entire Project, or even within all of your Projects in a Space.

Additionally, click on the arrow < next to a Project's name to view a dropdown menu of all of this Project's Lists.

Selecting "Expand all Projects" by clicking on this ellipses will allow you to quickly view all Projects and their respective Lists within a Space.

Sidebar for Guests

Guests are external users with whom you can share select Projects, Lists and tasks. 

Guests will only be able to see items in their sidebar to which they have been given access. They will also only see other users who have access to these same items.

Keep in mind that if you share a Project with a guest, that guest will have access to all of the Lists within said Project. If you share a single List, the guest will only have access to said List. Guests will not ever see Spaces.

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