Do you use filters frequently in ClickUp? If so, saving these filters will allow you to reuse them with just one click.

When you save filters, you have two options:

Save a Personal Filter
These filters are only visible to YOU. No one else on your Team will see them. 

Save a Team Filter
These filters are visible and available to your entire Team! If you have filters that your Team should use, save a Team filter for super easy access. 

Team filters can be saved, edited, deleted, or shared by the rest of your Team.

Share a Filter via URL
Share the URL of a filter to quickly send to members of your team so they can view exactly what you want them to see. 

How to Save a Filter:

  1. Visit List or Board View
  2. Apply your filters
  3. Click the Saved Filters button
  4. Click the Save filter option in the "My" or "Team" Filters sections
  5. Create a new filter or replace an existing filter

Include sorting with your saved filters

  1. Visit List View
  2. Set your filters
  3. Sort your columns
  4. Flip the toggle Save sorting to retain sorting when you apply the filter


This is the most popular Filter for your most important Tasks:

  • Name: My Important Tasks
  • Assignee: Me
  • Due Date: Overdue 
  • Priority: High

You might also want to check out Favorites! Favorites give you the ability to save sorting, filtering, and your location in the hierarchy.

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