Remapping Due Dates is a really cool feature you can use for Templates in ClickUp.

Basically, it allows you to preserve the relative position of Due Dates on your tasks, without having to manually update them all.

For example, let's say we have this List of tasks: 

Task 1: Due 10/1
Task 2: Due 10/10
Task 3: Due 10/25

I save this list as a template, then I want to use the template. 

Let's say the new List I want to create is the same tasks and process, but for the next month (November). 

I select remap due dates  and for this list, I want the first task to be due on 11/1 

I set the first date to 11/1 and then my tasks will be imported as:

Task 1: Due 11/1
Task 2: Due 11/10
Task 3: Due 11/25

See how that works? Each period between the Due Dates remain the same, but the actual date itself changes dynamically based on the earliest Due Date.

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