What are Priorities? 

Priorities are a way of classifying tasks by importance. When you enable Priorities in Spaces you'll have the following options:

Can I make custom Priorities? 

To ensure consistency and positive user experience, we don't allow custom Priority labels or colors. 

This guarantees that there are no conflicts when you move tasks to different places in ClickUp. It also ensures a consistent user experience and expectation for all users, globally.  

How to Enable Priorities 

Priorities in ClickUp are optional, and are implemented at the Space level.

To enable Priorities within a Space, proceed to your Settings page and select ClickApps  from the left hand sidebar. Flip the Priority Toggle in the "ClickApps" section to enable priorities in one or more of your Spaces.

How to use Priorities

Once you've enabled Priorities within a Space, you can utilize them to sort and filter your tasks in List View

Just click on the filter button or select a sorting option from one of the columns shown above your list of tasks!

Places where you can set Priorities 

Task View: Click on the Flag icon on the upper left side of the task to change its priority.

List View: Set priorities by clicking the Flag next to your assignee icon.

Board View: Hover over a task to reveal the Priority Flag.

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