This is your personal place to jot down any kind of notes you want. No one else sees your Notepad - it's just for YOU! 

The Notepad makes it easy to record even the simplest ideas and convert thoughts to tasks at a later time.

How to Enable/Disable Notepad

By default, the Notepad is enabled. To change this: 

  1. Go to Settings 
  2. Visit the Profile  page located the left-sidebar
  3. Locate the Preferences  section
  4. Flip the toggle for Notepad on or off

How to Use Notepad

  1. Ensure Notepad is enabled for your account (see above)
  2. Click the button in the bottom right corner of your view
  3. Title your new note
  4. Type your ideas
  5. Come back anytime - you'll be right where you left off! 

Pro Tip: Use the Notepad checklist feature to create simple to-do list items for yourself. This is the perfect way to create a personal task that might not relate to a specific task or project!

Other uses for Notepad:

  • Jot down groceries you need to grab at the store later, as they come to mind 🛍️
  • Gather a list of books you want to read 📚
  • Make a simple list of tasks you need to create today 🗹
  • Save links of articles you want to read later 🔗
  • Consolidate a list of tools and their passwords 🔧🔨

Plus, you can take your notes with you via the Notepad by ClickUp Chrome Extension!

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