How many times have you made the same change one by one over and over again?

Never again, we've eliminated the tedious nature of project management at every level of the platform. 

Take advantage of the Multitask Manager Toolbar to easily select multiple tasks and make as many changes as you want. Instantly.

You can perform the following bulk actions with the Multitask Toolbar. 

  • Set Watchers: Watchers are those who can see notifications and stay aware of everything happening within a task, even if they are not an assignee. 
  • Set Assignees: Quickly change or add users to be in charge of a task. Need to move multiple tasks to a new team member? Check the tasks and take care of it with one click!
  • Set Status: This allows you to push multiple tasks through your workflow. When looking at your progress in List View at the end of the day, check what needs to be moved and quickly push it forward.
  • Set Tags: Apply one or more Tags in bulk. This is the fastest way to add more structure to your task organization.
  • Convert to Subtasks: Too many times we see tasks that are associated with each other and cluttering up our view. Convert these tasks into subtasks and keep your view organized!
  • Set Due Dates: Quickly apply a due date to a group of tasks. Just click on the due date icon in the toolbar, and you'll get a drop-down to select the date of your choice.
  • Set Priority: Find a group of important items and adjust priorities at the same time! Let the Multi-Task Toolbar do the work.
  • Remove Tasks: Nothing is more frustrating than trying to clean out your tasks and having to delete them one.. by one.. by one. Check off all those tasks that are unneeded and quickly have them removed from your list.

Note that some options will not be available when viewing all Spaces.

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