With due dates enabled on your Space, you can set a due date for any task, subtask, or List.

Due dates are set at the Space level. This means you can have due dates enabled on some of your Spaces and disabled on others.

How to enable Due Dates on your Space(s)

  1. Select the team icon at the top right and click ClickApps 
  2. Turn on the ClickApp Dates 
  3. OPTIONAL - Remap all subtask due dates based on changes to the parent task's dates

You can set the due date on a task in four areas of ClickUp

How to set a Due Date for a List

  1. Select the List you'd like to set a due date for. Make sure you're viewing it in either List or Board view.
  2. Click List Details in the upper right corner of your screen.
  3. Select Set date  to set a due date for your entire List!

Natural Language Processing

When setting a start date or due date, you can either select a specific date on the calendar, or type in your desired date just as you would speak.

Type in "tomorrow at 2 pm", or "next week", and a due date will be set for that time automatically!

Editing and Deleting a Due Date

Just as in setting a due date, you can also edit a due date anywhere it appears.  Just click on the due date and you'll get a drop-down to select a new due date.

To delete a due date, hover your mouse over a due date and an X  icon will appear.  Click on the icon and you will delete the due date.

Sorting and Filtering by Due Date

Once you've enabled due dates within a Space, you can utilize them to sort and filter your tasks in List View

Just click on the filter button or select the Due Date  sorting option from the columns shown above your list of tasks!

Pro Tip with Time View

Drag and drop tasks on the calendar to add or adjust due dates.

Other Notable Date Features

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