Note: Custom fields are available in all plans, but Free Forever teams are limited to 100 uses (the usage does not decrease after unsetting or deleting tasks)

Make ClickUp completely customized! Custom fields let you use ClickUp for virtually anything you can imagine. 

Track, sort, and filter work according to your team’s needs.

How to Use Custom Fields

Important notes

  • Custom fields must be turned on at the Space level
  • Custom fields are managed at the Project level
  • You can reuse fields across projects, creating global fields

Displaying Custom Fields

  • You can display any Field(s) you like in List, Board, and Time views. 
  • In List view, you click the ...  menu on the right side columns to show/hide fields
  • In Time and Board views, click the settings  menu on the right
  • You may hide custom fields from invited guests by opening a Project's custom fields menu. Beside each field in the Project, click Guests

Getting started

  1. Enable the Custom Fields ClickApp for your Space(s)
  2. Open a Project's settings from the ... menu in the sidebar
  3. Click Custom fields 
  4. Add, edit, or organize the custom fields for this Project or locate an existing field from another Project in your team
  5. Open a task to set the field 

Creating Custom Fields

  1. Open the Edit custom fields menu from a Project in your sidebar
  2. Click Add Custom Field 
  3. Name your field 
  4. Select a field type (field type details below)

Setting Custom Fields

  1. Open a task
  2. Expand the custom fields section
  3. Set your fields 
  4. Edit fields (this affects fields for the entire Project)


  1. Open the sorting columns menu
  2. Select Custom Fields
  3. Choose from any custom field you've created
  4. Click the column header to sort


  1. Open the filter or settings menu from Time, Board, or List View
  2. Select Custom Fields 
  3. Choose from any custom field you've created
  4. Insert a value
  5. Choose the match type

Custom Field Details



Free Forever Plan: 100 uses Custom Fields ("Uses" means you've used the feature 100 times. If you delete tasks, it will not reset the limit, the limit cannot decrease)
Unlimited Plan
: Unlimited Custom Fields

Learn more about the differences in our plans.

Custom Fields Reporting

Gain insight into how your fields are being used with reports! You can group results by user, task, and even sort and filter your results for customized viewing.

Use custom fields if you

  • Want to add custom information to all tasks in a project
  • Want to track tasks across projects for things like scrum points, budget calculations, or importance levels
  • Need teammates to add certain information for each task
  • Need to sort or filter by custom fields

Custom Fields Mobile

Take advantage of custom fields on iOS, so you can keep working on the go!

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