Every Friday here at ClickUp, we like to release a short 1-2 minute video covering some lesser known and helpful tips to make you more productive.

Episode 1:

Type in Due Dates

Episode 2:

Edit Comment Hotkey

Episode 3:

Private Spaces

Episode 4:

Tagging People and Tasks

Episode 5

Merging Tasks

Episode 6

Rich Text Editing

Episode 7

Google Chrome Extension

Episode 8

Subtask Copying/Subtask Multitask Toolbar

Episode 9

Gmail Email Into Task

Episode 10

Task Drafts

Episode 11

Task Tray

Episode 12


Episode 13

Team vs. Me View

Episode 14

List View Hacks

Episode 15

Reverse List Order

Episode 16

Assigning Task to Yourself

Episode 17

Time View Color Change

Episode 18


Episode 19

Saved Team Filters

Episode 20

Export to CSV

Episode 21

Reporting Features

Episode 22

Custom Field Reporting

Episode 23

/Slash Commands

Episode 24

Email Task Creation

Episode 25

Notepad Extension

Episode 26

Project, List, and Task Privacy

Episode 27


Episode 28


Episode 29


Episode 30

Time View Hacks

Episode 31

Google SSO

Episode 32

How to Enable 2FA

Episode 33

Using the Right Click Menu

Episode 34


Episode 35

Goals with Lists

If there is something you'd like to seen made into a ClickTip click the purple chat circle in the bottom right corner and let me know!

Stay tuned for the next episode coming out Friday!

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