ClickApps enable you to completely customize your team's experience within each Space. Choose to enable one or more of the following features:

How to enable (or disable) ClickApps

Admins can enable or disable ClickApps in a few simple steps:

  • Click on your profile avatar to view your Settings menu and select ClickApps 
  • Once you're viewing your ClickApps Settings page, flip the toggles for the ClickApps you'd like to enable.  The dropdown menus above the toggles will let you determine the approved Spaces for each ClickApp.

Sort ClickApp Attributes

Filter ClickApp Attributes

See how our power users take advantage of the various ClickApps here!

Our list of ClickApps is constantly growing! Be on the lookout for new features every single week!

Do you have other ClickApps in mind that you're not seeing at present? Let us know on our feedback board.

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