ClickUp's native Calendar adds a time view for your tasks! 

Rad right? What's even cooler is the ability to drag tasks into the calendar to apply start and end dates/times.

Drag and drop unscheduled tasks to schedule them!

Between the global search and notifications icons in your top level menu, you'll find your access point to the ClickUp Calendar. 

  1. Click on the underlined icon to reveal the Calendar
  2. Choose whether you're viewing today's agenda, this week's tasks, or the entire month's workload
  3. Add start dates, due dates, and even specific times to tasks by simply dragging and dropping
  4. Use all of the same filters you're familiar with in List and Board View to find what's most important

Adding new tasks to the Calendar

  1. Use the "No Date" sidebar to find tasks without start or due dates/times
  2. Drag what you need into the calendar
  3. Change start dates and due dates with a simple drag and drop

Handy tips

  • Colors are based on the status of tasks 
  • Organize your schedule 🤯
    - Open the today view to investigate your day's agenda
    - Open the week view to get a clear layout of each day
  • Combine with the Google Calendars 2-way sync 😲
    - There are plenty of reasons to keep things organized in G-Suite
    - Enable to the Google Calendars integration to ensure that everything in your ClickUp Calendar is immediately reflected in Google - and vice versa
  • Customize your scheduling
    - Change the day your week starts on along with the way your date & time appear!

Want to see more out of the ClickUp Calendar? Please leave your suggestions here!

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