Have you ever asked someone to do something only to find out it was completely forgotten? If you don't hold someone accountable, there is a strong chance it won't get done, but who wants to create an entire task for EVERY action item?

Our solution for this is Assigned Comments. This proprietary feature allows you to create an action item directly from any comment (kind of like a mini-subtask)!

If your comment requires effort from any team member, simply assign it. This creates a new required item for the assignee to complete before the task can be marked complete.

Assign a comment

Click the Assign Comment icon when commenting to easily assign a new comment to anyone on your team, or hover over an existing comment and retroactively convert it into an assigned comment.

Assigning a comment will:

  1. Notify the person that you assigned a comment
  2. Display an unresolved comment in their tasks list, as well as in their personal dashboard in Box View.

Resolve a comment

It’s just as easy to resolve a comment. Simply click the ‘Resolve’ checkbox after you’ve completed the required action and clear the item from your view. This also notifies the other party that their comment has been resolved.

This keeps everyone accountable without cluttering your workflow. We suggest making assigned comments a habit for your team, and you'll quickly see how much more you get done. 

Keeping track of Assigned Comments

In any view, you'll find the Assigned Comments icon to indicate unresolved assigned comments:

Box View

Team Tab - at the top of each member's box

Me Tab - openly displayed in the right hand column

List View

Tasks with comments assigned to you indicate this with the common purple icon right on the task's row in the list

Task view

Within each task, comments are assigned in the activity (right) column

And automatically listed in the To-Do section of the task information (left) column just below subtasks

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