ClickUp users can take one of four roles within their Workspace: Member, Admin, Owner, or Guest. 

image with four user roles: guest, member, admin, owner


Guests are users that you don’t want having full access to your ClickUp Workspace. The major differences are:

  • Invited directly to Folders, Lists, and tasks

  • Do not have access to Spaces

  • Cannot create Spaces, Folders, or Lists

  • Cannot see everyone on the Workspace

  • Cannot edit permissions

  • Cannot view reporting or Box view

  • Can be given the ability to edit tags 

  • Can use Custom Fields if granted permissions

  • Many more details about guests can be found here!


Members are people that you generally trust and don’t mind them being able to create things.

  • Create Spaces, Folders, Lists, and tasks

  • Get access to all public Spaces

  • Can see everyone on the Workspace

  • Can share things with guests and other members (but can’t add new members)

  • Can make Spaces, Folders, Lists, and tasks private, but only if they created or are the owner of the item


Admins are people that can be trusted to manage your Workspace. In addition to everything users can do, admins can also: 

Owner (person that created Workspace)

Owners are ultimately in charge of the Workspace. In addition to everything admins can do, owners can also: 

  • Delete Workspaces

  • Transfer ownership

  • Manage Spaces they don't have access to
    Note: if a member has been removed and they had a private Space and no remaining members have access, the Workspace owner will have the ability to take ownership of the Space. If a member is left with access, they can be temporarily made an admin so they can adjust the Space settings.

Image of Spaces page in sidebar settings with Inaccessible Spaces and Transfer ownership highlighted

User roles details

PDF version available here.

How to adjust User Roles

Admins+ will find the People option on their profile avatar in the bottom left corner of your screen

People settings page showing how to change a member's role

Custom Roles [Enterprise]

Create new roles (other than guest, member admin) like: super admin, editor, limited member, or any role that suits your needs! Additionally, Workspace owners have the ability to designate who can create and edit Custom Roles.

gif showing option to create a custom role on the Enterprise Plan

Have more questions about user roles? Check out our FAQ here.

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