ClickUp makes it easy to reorganize where your tasks are stored with a few simple steps.

To edit Folders and Lists from your sidebar:

  1. Expand the Spaces in your left sidebar with the pin icon
  2. Select a Space
  3. Click on the ellipses ... of a Folder or List to bring up the action menu

Clicking this for a Folder displays the following options: 

  1. Copy link to the Folder
  2. Rename the Folder
  3. Archive the Folder
  4. Delete the Folder
  5. Create a new List within the Folder (either from scratch or from a template)
  6. Edit the Folder Statuses
  7. Add/Edit Custom Fields
  8. Move the Folder to another Space
  9. Copy the Folder
  10. Reorder Folders/Lists A-Z
  11. Save the Folder as a template
  12. Share the Folder

The same options are found when clicking the ellipses for Lists, except you also have the ability to create new tasks add Automations, add the List to your Favorites, get the email instructions for the specified List as well as open the List Info sidebar.

Moving Folders and Lists

To move a Folder, all you need to do is select a destination Space.

To move a List, you will also need to select the Folder that will house the List. Alternatively, you can convert it into a Folder-less List - which would just require the selection of a Space to house the List.

Removing Folders and Lists

It's important to note that there are two different ways you can remove Folders and Lists from your ClickUp Workspace. 

Archiving: This removes the Folder or List from view, but does not delete any tasks that are associated with that Folder or List. 

Unless you want to permanently delete tasks within the Folder or List, you should always use the Archive option. If you do want to delete tasks, just click the trash bin icon. 

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