Box view helps you answer these three questions:

  1. What are people working on? 

  2. What have people done? 

  3. Who needs more tasks and who has too many tasks? 

With Box view, you can also see Workload charts for tasks, time estimates, and even agile/scrum points

Plus, managing resources is as easy as drag and drop

How to Add a Box View

  1. Click the + in your views bar to add a new view

  2. Click Box 

  3. Add a name for your new Box View

How to Use Box View


Each box in this view represents a person or a box for 'unassigned' tasks. 

Boxes contain workload details for each person in the group of tasks (Space, Folder, or List) that you're viewing. 

Tasks are grouped by status to give you a better vision of the state of work for each Workspace member. 

Task Progress

Task progress is based on tasks in done or closed statuses vs those in active statuses.

Time Progress:
To see time estimates, choose the "Time Estimate" option from the dropdown menu here:

Here's what you'll see in each person's box:

Time progress is based on the time estimated for tasks in done or closed statuses vs those in active statuses.

Sprint Points:

Display your Sprint Points in Box View to measure your Workspace's progress:

Alternative: Create a number custom field for your sprints in ClickUp.


Workspaces on the Business Plan will have access to Box View's Workload Report:

This gives you quick insight into who in your Workspace gets the most done, has the most open tasks, and who could use a bit more to do. 

You can base Workload progress on:

More Box View Features

Show and Resolve Assigned Comments

showing assigned comments in box view

Enable assigned comments from your Box View's settings to quickly see how many assigned comments a user has in the group of tasks you're in. Simply click an assigned comment to view and/or resolve it!

Expand All

Expand all drop downs with one click to avoid opening the drop downs for each status.

Unique Sorting Options

By default, the boxes will be sorted by a users name, but don't miss out on your other options!

  • Number of tasks: lets you quickly see who has a heavy workload

  • Number of incomplete: tasks shows who needs to get started

  • Time estimate: ranks users by the amount of time expected to complete the tasks in this view

  • Scrum Points: Tasks will be arranged according to who has the most scrum points

Required Views

If Box View is crucial to your workflow, you can include it as one of your required views, and set a default view template to create every Box view with the same view!

Be sure to let us know what else you would like to see on our feedback board here!

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