Board view’s powerful drag-and-drop interface makes it a go-to option for agile teams. However, every user can benefit from the convenience it offers!

Customize Your Columns

In Board view, your tasks will be arranged in vertical columns. You can select column headers based on the grouping options found in the upper right corner of your screen:

group by status in board view
  • Status: Each column is a Status in your workflow. This is the default column grouping and is widely used in all types of work.

  • Assignees: Each column is a person, containing tasks assigned to that person 

  • Priority: View priorities at a glance - each column contains tasks in a different priority 

  • Tags: Group tasks according to which tags they have in common

  • Due date: A really cool way to see which tasks are overdue, due today, or in the future - and easily reschedule them accordingly. 

View Everything 

Choose whether you want to zoom in on a single List, an entire Folder, or even all Spaces across your Workspace. 

To view every task across your entire Workspace in Board view, just click here:

Everything option to see all tasks in the Workspace

This incredible feature is unique to ClickUp! We engineered a way for you to view all of your tasks in one board, even if they have different columns. We’ll magically hide columns that aren’t applicable when you click and drag tasks. 

Make Bulk Edits

Utilize the Multitask Toolbar to make changes to tons of tasks all at once. You can add assignees, change statuses, and even archive or delete tasks.

Simply click on the ellipsis at the top of a column and choose “select all.” Then, use the Multitask Toolbar to change all tasks in that column:

Using ellipses menu to select all tasks in a column

Alternatively, hover over a task and click this dot for single select:

How to select multiple tasks with icons

Other Column Actions

Click on the ellipsis ... at the top of a column and choose an action:

  • Rename status [When grouping by status]

  • Edit the statuses for the Folder or Space you’re viewing [When grouping by status]

  • Create a new task in the column

  • Archive all tasks in the status/column

  • Collapse the column to get it out of your view

Work in Progress Limits [ClickApp]

WIP Limits visually indicate when there's too much work in any given Board column!

This feature makes it easy to see when you're under, at, or above your limit - allowing teams to adjust tasks accordingly. Toggle on the ClickApp for any Space to start visualizing limits! Choose between task count, time estimates, sprint points, or even the money Custom Field.

If you already know how you want your Board to be grouped, intuitively set your grouping through the dropdown before you create the view.

Cover Images

In Board view, task cards can display cover images. To make images appear on task cards in Board view, just select the Show  settings:

using the show settings to check the images on card option

By default, this will set the first attached picture as a task’s cover image. If you want to change this image you can pin any image attached to the task.

Tip: Be sure to check out your other view setting options under Settings as well!

Filtering Tasks

Filtering is the perfect way to cut out the clutter and just view tasks that pertain to specific criteria. Click on this funnel icon to filter by assignee, watcher, and more:


Save a filter for later user by clicking on the floppy disk icon as shown above.

Me Mode

By default, you'll see tasks assigned to "Everyone" in your Workspace.

However, you can switch to “Me Mode" to just zoom in on tasks that are assigned to you:

Me mode button to only see taska assigned to you

Sorting Tasks

Arrange columns with intention by sorting them from top to bottom. Click on the arrow to explore your different sorting options:

opening the sort by options

Grouping Tasks

Group your columns by the following:

  • Status

  • Assignee

  • Priority

  • Tag

  • Due date

  • Custom fields

  • Custom groups (coming soon)

  • None

Changing grouping to be by a custom field

Show Subtasks

Click on the subtask icon in the upper right corner of your screen to choose how they are displayed on your Board:

Options for showing subtasks in Board View
  • “Expanded”: See your subtasks as separate items directly below parent tasks

  • “As separate tasks" Subtasks are shown as separate items and can be moved between columns independently. Choose this option if you want subtasks to appear in filtering results.

  • “Compact”: Subtasks will not appear unless you manually expand them

Show Task ID

From the Show menu, toggle on Show task IDs  to easily view task IDs on your Boards without having to click into the task! 

using show menu to show task IDs

Handy Board View Actions

  • Drag-and-Drop: A key aspect of Board view is the ability to quickly move tasks through workflows and adjust their priorities. Easily drag and drop a task into any status (including collapsed statuses) and move the task up or down to change the priority of the task.

  • Change Assignees: There's no need to open a task to remove an assignee in Board view. Simply click on the avatars under the task to create, add, or remove assignees.

  • Quick-Create Tasks: Click the + in the upper right corner of any column to add a task in Board view. The new task will adapt the status of the Board in which it was created.

  • Adjust Due Dates: Again, no need to open a task to make changes. Just click the calendar symbol next to your task's avatar symbol to quickly update.

  • Filter by Folder vs. List:  Focus your workflow and filter by an entire Folder, or just a single List. Just select the specific Folder or List in your left sidebar.

  • Add Tags: Organize tasks on a whole new dimension right from the Board. Simply hover over your task and click the tag symbol to edit or create a tag.

  • Custom Views: Once you create a Board view, customize it by clicking on the ellipsis next to it and making changes:

Ellipses menu on Board View for options


Be sure to check out Calendar View for more options to schedule and manage tasks with our drag and drop functionality! 

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