List view is a required task view provided for every Space, Folder, and List in ClickUp. It’s the most flexible view in terms of grouping, sorting, and filtering. 

Birds-eye view of all tasks 

Get a high-level overview of all tasks across your Workspace in a few simple steps:

  1. Hover over your left sidebar to expand it

  2. Click Everything 

Clicking Everything in the sidebar to view all of the tasks in your Workspace


You can create custom workflows for all of your tasks at the Space, Folder and List levels.

To edit statuses for a Space, Folder, or List:

  1. Click on the ellipses ... next to the item in your left sidebar

  2. For Spaces, navigate to "Space settings"

  3. For Folders and Lists, proceed to the "statuses" menu


Sorting allows you to arrange your tasks by due date, priority and much more. It’s the perfect way to view the most important tasks at the top of your List view.

  1. Click on the +  icon above your list of tasks

  2. Select your desired columns to make them appear above your tasks

  3. Click on one or more column headers and you’ll have two sorting options:
    a) “Sort”: This option sorts tasks within the group that they’re in, preserving the same structure of the view
    b) “Sort entire column”: Using this option will sort all tasks in the view, by the entire column, removing any grouping that’s in place

Sort your tasks by enabling the columns of your choice, like:

Columns that have not yet been enabled for your List view will be shown under the “Hidden” menu here:

Clicking the + sign in the upper right corner of your screen to add a new custom field

As indicated in the picture above, you can also create a new custom field column. Once you've clicked on a new field  option, you can even rename it.

You can also rearrange your columns by dragging and dropping them!

Dragging and dropping custom fields to reorder them

Clicking on a column header will also let you rearrange it manually:

  • “Move to start” places the column furthest to the left

  • “Move to end” places the column furthest to the right

  • “Hide column” makes the column disappear from view

Note: If you aren't sorting your tasks, you can drag and drop them into any order! ClickUp remembers the order you have tasks in, for each grouping option covered in the next section.


In addition to sorting, you can also filter tasks to cut out the clutter. Choose to see tasks filtered by assignee, status, and pretty much anything.

  1. Click on the funnel icon in the upper right corner of your screen

  2. Choose the +  icon to add a filter to your view

  3. You can also click the floppy disk to save a filtered view! These can be kept private to you, or they can be shared with the rest of your team

clicking on the funnel icon to filter your tasks

Grouping Tasks

Group your task sections by the following: 

  • Status

  • Assignee

  • Priority

  • Tag

  • Due date

  • Custom fields

  • None

View Settings

  • Click on Show  to show parent Folder & List names when sorting, or to show your subtasks’ parent names

  • You can filter for words in a task title by searching for them in the space indicated below

  • Show empty statuses to easily drag and drop tasks to any status

Clicking on Show icon to show task locations, subtask parent names, closed tasks, closed subtasks, tasks in multiple Lists, and empty statuses

Me Mode

By default, you'll see tasks assigned to Everyone  in your Workspace.

To only see tasks that are assigned to you, go to 'Me' mode!

Clicking on Me Mode in List view

In Me Mode, you can also choose to include tasks where you assigned comments, subtasks or checklists.

Show Subtasks

Choose how you want to show subtasks by clicking on this icon in the upper right corner of your screen:

Clicking on Subtasks and selecting to collapse all, expand all, or show as separate tasks
  • “Collapse all” will hide your subtasks from view, but you can always click on the subtask icon to expand them in place

  • “Expand all” will expand subtasks directly beneath their parent tasks

  • “As separate tasks” will display subtasks as separate items from their parents. Choose this option if you want subtasks to appear in your filtering results.

Make Changes in Bulk

Use the Multitask Toolbar to quickly select groups of tasks and make changes. You can add assignees, tags, and even archive or delete tasks.

Create customized List views

Create a new List view any time by clicking the + icon

Clicking + View to create a new view

Customize your List view by clicking on its ellipses:

Clicking the ellipsis next to the List view name to customize its settings

Choose from the following View Options 

  1. Rename it by clicking on the pencil icon

  2. Copy it as a new view (or even delete it with the trashcan)

  3. Make this the default view for everyone in your Workspace. With this enabled, you’ll automatically be shown this view every time you come to the same location.

  4. Use Me Mode for Everyone. Each person who opens the view will be placed in Me Mode. 

  5. Reset view to defaults. This will remove any changes to the original view.

  6. Manage View Templates

  7. Move a view to a new location (Space, Folder or List)

  8. Protect the view. This will prevent other user from making changes to the view. People with “can change” access to the view are able to unprotect and make changes. If you really want to lock it down, change the view permissions for people to “Can’t change”. 

  9. Set as a personal view: By default, views are shared with everyone, but on a paying team, you'll be able make views personal so that only you are able to see them.  

  10. Autosave view: Save any time you make a change to the view (sorting, filtering, etc).

  11. Copy the URL for the view so you can share it with others

  12. Add the view as a Favorite

List Info

This is the perfect place to store information about Lists. You’ll have options like assigning an Owner, setting a priority and due dates, adding attachments, and even having a conversation about the List. 

Clicking the i icon next to the List name to open the List info menu

Renaming Tasks

Simply hover over a task and click on the pencil icon to rename it!

clicking the pencil icon to rename a task

Reveal Pinned Images

If you've pinned a cover image to your task, you can reveal this in List view!

Calculate Columns

Learn how to calculate numeric columns in List view here!

Collapse Lists

If there's a List you continuously want to keep out of view, you can save it as collapsed!

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