Watchers are people that are "watching" (or "following") a task. These people receive notifications when tasks they're watching are updated. 

Throughout ClickUp, you’ll see the "Eye" icon indicating watchers: 

How to Watch a Task 

While viewing a task, click the eye icon on the top right side of the task window. Then, select yourself and/or others to add as watchers. 

Manage Watchers for a Task

In addition to adding yourself, you also can add, edit, or remove watchers for the entire task. The names with an icon in a purple circle are Watchers.

Add multiple watchers at a time by selecting a Team

Click the watcher eye to see when the task was last viewed. This is great for team accountability and monitoring for task updates.

Other places you can adjust watchers: 

  1. Notifications page: Easily watch and un-watch tasks directly from the Notifications page by clicking the eye icon
  2. Creating a task: Click the eye icon in the Create Task window to add people to the Watchers list. 
  3. Multitask Toolbar: If you need to add or remove watchers in bulk, use the Multitask Toolbar to add watchers to multiple tasks at the same time.

What makes you a watcher?

  • When you're tagged in a task
  • When you're assigned to a task
  • When a comment is assigned to you in a task
  • When you or someone else adds you through the eye icon (available on task and in notifications)

What's the difference between a watcher and an assignee?

An assignee is responsible for completing one or more items within a task, and is automatically made a watcher. 

On the other hand, watchers receive updates when any changes are made within a task, but they are not necessarily assigned to complete anything within said task.

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