How can I change my notification settings? When, where, and why do I receive notifications? 

How are notifications organized?

Notifications in ClickUp are organized at the Workspace level. This means notifications for all Spaces within a Workspace are grouped together, on your notifications page.

Organize your notifications granularly with notification filters! Sift through updates easily by filtering for tasks that are assigned to you or comments where you're specifically mentioned.

In addition to filtering, notifications are grouped into batches for one-click-clearing!

Individual task notifications are grouped together by:

  • Likes

  • New tasks created

  • Tasks assigned to me

  • Status changes

  • Custom field changes

How will I know when I have a new notification?

A dot will appear over the Notifications Bell when you have a new notification:

If you're viewing a different tab, new notifications will be indicated on your ClickUp browser tab with a small red dot.

If you have notifications in a different Workspace, you will see a blue indicator dot on the Workspace icon in the left column of the menu behind your avatar.

Other ways to check your notifications

  • Mobile - push notifications to your mobile device for new activity

  • Email - set exactly what triggers email notifications

  • Browser - create desktop push notifications for important activity (Chrome and Firefox only)

  • Web app - receive notifications inside ClickUp via the bell icon on your notifications page

What can you do with notifications? 

1. Clear notifications

To clear notifications, click the checkmark on the right side of a notification. It's important to check in-app notifications each day in order to stay organized and let your teammates know you're on top of your work.

Clearing notifications will move the items into your Cleared tab, where you can access all items you've cleared already or "unclear" a notification if needed.

2. Watch (or stop watching) tasks

If you're getting annoyed with notifications about a certain task, click the 'Eye' icon to stop watching a task. You'll no longer receive notifications for that task.

Alternatively, you also can start watching a task by clicking the 'Eye' icon from its gray color state. 

Eye icon colors: 

  1. Gray: You're not watching the task

  2. Purple: You're watching the task

3. Shared tasks

You'll receive an email and/or in-app notification if something (such as a Folder, List, or task) is shared with you. To adjust these notifications, simply remove the check in your notification settings. 

Note: Likes for comments in your tasks will be grouped together in one single notification to help clear some clutter.

Our Slack Integration also allows users to receive notifications directly in Slack channels. Learn more here!

Curious about what settings are available for Notifications? Click here!

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